The 6 types of social media sharers

When it comes to social media, what you share, how frequently you share, and the networks you use to share can indicate more about your personality than you might think.  According to a recent study by Statpro, there are six types of social media sharers: altruists, hipsters, careerists, boomerangs, selectives and connectors.

In a nutshell, altruists are reliable, helpful individuals who share minimally via email, hipsters are creative, young influencers that use the latest social media tools, while careerists are tech-savvy business networkers that primarily use LinkedIn. Boomerangs are frequent sharers that derive self-expression and fulfillment through social media, connectors use social media as an organizing tool to manage their offline lives, and selectives share informational content through various platforms.

Each category has a familiar prototype – ever noticed that person on your feed who seems to have an update (or more) every hour? That’s probably a boomerang! Or the intellectually inclined individual who uses social media to debate major world issues? He/she would be categorized as a selective sharer.

The top reasons for sharing include value & entertainment, promoting causes, building relationships, self-fulfillment and identity expression.


Do you think social media behavior is based on personality traits? What category would you fall under? I’d love to hear 🙂

This article has also been published in Arabian Gazette


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